PM Grow Summit 2017 | Socrate Exantus
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Socrate Exantus

Owner, All County Property Management: CFL, Professional & Complete

Socrate manages and co-owns three All County Property Management franchises and leads a business strategy consultancy Critical Path.


Socrate’s is uniquely qualified as a leadership coach, mentor, speaker, and business strategist. At the age of 20, Socrate was promoted to a leadership position for a Fortune 500 company. Socrate is fortunate to have had a cross-functional view and experience during his 14 years in working in corporations. Socrate leveraged this experience, education and knowledge to leave a high-paying career to becoming an entrepreneur/business owner.


Socrate has a “Faith it to make it” attitude – if you have faith you can make it. This belief system along with the strategic planning, and the law of the inner circle has helped Socrate and his wife, Cassandra, build two multi-million dollar franchised property management businesses employing more than 20 people in less than five years. The enterprise has been the top-performing franchise in the country for three consecutive years.


Socrate attributes his success to his passion for attracting and developing leaders. He is committed to working with the best and brightest current & future leaders. He holds a B.A. in management from the University of Central Florida, and a master’s in project management from George Washington University. Socrate is a John Maxwell certified consultant, speaker and coach.

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