PM Grow Summit 2017 | Lisa Wise
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Lisa Wise


Chief Nester & Chief Rooster, Nest DC & Roost DC

Lisa is the co-founder of two companies, both anchored in real estate management, both entirely unique in their contribution to the housing landscape.


Nest DC was co-founded by Lisa Wise and Jim Pollack at the start of the Great Recession in 2009. From 2011- 2015, Nest DC was voted a top property management company in the DC City Paper “Best of DC” issue.


In August of 2016, Nest placed in the Inc 5000 list of fastest growing companies in America. That growth is a reflection of an investment in the workplace. In 2013, Nest DC was named a “Small Business Gem” in Washingtonian Magazine’s “Top 50 Places to Work” issue. Year over year, Nest enjoys exceptional growth; measuring success not just in revenue, but in the number of good jobs that have been created since inception. In 2010 there was one full time paid staff member.


In 2016, 20 full time staff members call Nest their “work home.” Nest continues to increase capacity through vertical integration. Nest is now a licensed general contractor, providing design and renovation work to compliment the needs of the portfolio. One program took on an identify of its own.


Roost DC set up shop in January of 2015. Every employee of Nest was invited to become an owner/investor in Roost DC, LLC. Eleven owners are now working to grow a highly successful and symbiotic company to Nest. Roost DC is the only employee owned management company in the city. Roost DC builds on the Nest legacy by continuing to fill a unique need in the real estate marketplace by providing high quality of life for tenants, and infinite opportunity for employees. Roost tends to 55 buildings throughout DC proper.

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