PM Grow, Inc. | Deniz Yusef – Building a Business Development Management Team
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Deniz Yusef

Deniz Yusuf

Founder, BDM Coach & Keynote Speaker

Deniz is a full time coach to property management business development managers through his company BDM Coach.


In his own career as a BDM, Deniz brought on 925 new management contracts from an astonishing 1077 presentations within a 48 month period. Not only did the average new property management contracts per month grow from 12 to 34 per month, but the close rate and average fee also dramatically rose.


Deniz works with property management companies all over Australia, New Zealand and the US to help them recruit, build and manage their BDM teams for peak performance. His focus is growing other people’s rent rolls and mentoring them to become market leaders.

Building a Business Development Management Team