PM Grow, Inc. | Cassandra Exantus
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Cassandra Exantus


Owner, All County Property Management: CFL, Professional & Complete

Cassandra is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and broker of three real estate offices and one half of the business strategy consultancy Critical Path. She prides herself in finding balance in all of these roles. Her life mantra is: “You have to fall in love with the process of being great.”


Cassandra oversees the operations of two successful real estate offices, manages a team of 22 employees who oversee more than $200 million in real estate assets. She has 15 years of combined real estate and customer service experience.


Cassandra attributes her vast knowledge to her experience with two to U.S. residential property developers. She is an award-winning top sales consultant, generating more than$30 million dollars in sales. She was an independent agent for three leading real estate companies, and was an assistant community director for a national leader in high quality, customer-focused property management of five multi-family and single family affordable rental housing communities.


She is also a member of Orlando Regional Realtor Association ORRA, GFLR Greater Ft. Lauderdale Realtors Association, NARPM, and NAR.


Cassandra has a heart for the entrepreneur and wants to spark the creative voice of business owners and corporate managers. Cassandra believes whole heartedly that there is a leader inside all of us. She is passionate about helping people tap into their inner leadership potential by using the faith-it-to-make-it philosophy. Cassandra is committed to assisting people find their voice as a leader, discover their own business style, and find business solutions they can implement in their business.

Managing Your Portfolio Like A Fund Manager Would